Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Vinsu Family!

There are countless topics that I have been wanting to write about lately and questions that I have been asked, and now, I am playing catch-up! First up is my host family!

I live with 15 other people, yes, with me that brings the total to 16!

Everyone that hears this pretty much stops in their tracks! How are there that many people? Do you live in a mansion? Isn't it loud? Are you going crazy?

The answer to all of those is, NO! :)

How are there that many people?
- Loving host parents, Christiane and Pierre
- 8 children (5 boys, 3 girls all between 17-32 years old), 5 of whom regularly live at home
- 5 French students who go to local universities
- 4 foreign exchange students! Me, a girl from Japan, and two guys from the United Arab Emirates

Do you live in a mansion?

Nope! The house is probably a mansion in French standards, but I know many people in the States with much larger homes for just 2-4 people. It is good-sized, we each have our own room, but the house does not feel huge! Honestly, when I am in my house, I feel like I am in America, because most things look the same with the exception of our very large and inviting dinner table! :)

Isn't it loud?

Not really at all! For the most part, I only see everyone at dinner time! We all eat together around 7 PM each night.

Are you going crazy?

I was raised in a family of four, and I was slightly nervous about living in such a large family before coming, but it has turned out very well! I do not know how my host parents run such a large household so smoothly and stress-free, but they do it very well! There is so much love in this family, and each year it grows a little more! They welcomed grandchild #5 to the family on Sunday and #6 should be on the way anytime in the next two weeks! My friend, Sarah, was estatic when I said that I actually like the big family thing! Not quite enough to have more than two kids someday, but I am glad that I have been able to experience this lifestyle!

Here is the Vinsu family!

So there's a little bit about the wonderful family that I live with! I do not know how, but I already only have 4 weeks left of school and living here! There are 9 weeks until my short stateside return, but I will be traveling for Easter vacation and with my best friend for those remaining weeks! Time is flying!

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