Sunday, January 26, 2014

Random Aspects of France Life - Week 1!

So happy to report that I made it exactly one week without any major mishaps!

I am settling into my life in Besancon. Each day, I try to accomplish one more thing (i.e. acquiring a bus pass, activating a SIM card, buying a plant!).

My new plant! My room is now alive!

This week, I have…
- Navigated a bus system by myself for the first time ever
- Been locked inside of a bathroom (the lock was faulty and would not open!)
- Watched “La Reine des Neiges” (Frozen) in French
- Walked up and down the hills of Besancon for hours
- Learned that I will be eating a lot of cheese and potatoes this spring (this region's specialty!)
- Tried figuring out the confusion of placement tests, orientation, and French health insurance!
- Traversed a slippery train bridge to be fenced in on the other side
- Continued to find no record of my old passport's location
- Eaten so many baguettes - with almost every meal!
- Noted many similarities and differences between French and American cultures
- Started to improve my French skills, I have a long way to go, but each day is better than the day before!
- Discovered the true extent of French wine and cheese choices!

So many options? It would take years to try them all!

Classes start tomorrow! I am ready to see what I have really gotten myself into! Looking forward to making new friends and improving my French!

Then, there is this little girl, Juliette! In less than a day, she has just melted my heart, just like Judy did in Kenya! With her blue eyes, pink pea coat, and gray shoes, she is as cute as a doll! She is a great distraction in church, too! She loves plants, just like me! And she gives the best, cutest little kisses on the cheek! She is one of the Vinsu’s grandchildren, and I cannot wait to watch her grow during the rest of my time here!

Sunday Mass

Girl #1 who melted my heart - Judy (left in blue)

Girl #2 - Juliette! Laughing and eating her lunch!

Juliette adoring those plants! :)

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  1. Juliette is such a cutie! I'm glad you've been enjoying these first few days. It's so exciting (and also stressful) to get used to a new culture! Appreciate all those little victories :)